June 25, 2022
Why should you practice social distancing to stop coronavirus?

Why should you practice social distancing to stop coronavirus?

High five with friends is a dream now. Hugs, too, are being missed... Social distancing is the new norm. Corona times indeed are difficult. Staying away from our loved ones is the safest way to show them, love. More than one-third of the world is locked down. Countries like China, Spain, Italy, and the USA are the worst hit.

As the spread of COVID-19 continues, communities are being asked to reduce close contact between people. This is one of the prime reasons for social distancing and it's an important and effective way to slow down the spread of this virus. Let’s continue to follow it for as long as it is required…for our loved ones…for us, and for the happy times ahead of us.

And especially for the ones who are risking their lives to keep us safe—the doctors, the policemen—our real-life heroes. They have chosen us not only over themselves but their families too. Now it’s our time to contribute. They will be safe as long as you are on your couch watching TV or cooking delicacies in your very own kitchen or maybe playing cards with your family in the lobby…they will be safe as long as you are staying home!

As our PM Shri Narendra Modi said earlier that avoid handshaking and start adopting our cultural norms of joining hands “Namaste”. He also focused the light on maintaining 6 feet distance, don’t forget to wear a mask, Hand wash using soap or sanitizer, and most importantly maintain social distance. It’s important because this is the hope which acts as a shield for corona virus and breaks the chain.

Steps like social distancing may feel like an inconvenience, but it's the best way right now to protect our family, friends, and neighbours who may be vulnerable. If you are concerned that someone in your family may be at higher risk, you can contact your doctor to discuss what preventative measures may be appropriate for you.

We at Anupam urge “If we don’t change ourselves or listen to what they say may be, this the end of our generation today”, so Stay Home-Stay Safe and follow Social Distancing.

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