September 7, 2022
Selection of Material for Your Kitchen Countertop


Selecting  a kitchen counter top surface material that suits your lifestyle is the first step towards a kitchen interior. But the choices available in the market when you go to purchase kitchen counter tops can be overwhelming.  Among the wide categories of materials like natural stone, wood, laminate and other solid surfaces sold in the market for kitchen counter-tops people in general look for durability, aesthetic beauty and value for money. In this blog Anupam Sinks have tries level best for you below so that you can help to make up your mind about the most suitable one.


Quartzite is the hardest stone for countertops, trumping both granite and quartz. Quartzite can be less expensive than other stone materials like marble. Quartzite is easy to maintain as it won’t discolour or sustain any damage from a hot pan. Quartzite is a natural stone, formed when sand is heating and compressed in the earth, which makes it strong and beautiful.


Quartz is quite different from quartzite. Because quartz is man-made, it has some key differences from quartzite. Quartz is slightly more flexible, so is known to chip less than quartzite. Quartz tends to run at as lightly lower price point. Quartz can be custom-colored to your kitchen aesthetic.


Granite defines elegance in a kitchen. Even modest kitchens seem like luxury spaces when flavoured by the beauty of granite countertops. Granite is the third-strongest countertop material after quartzite and quartz, and remains a popular choice for homeowners.

It’s highly durable. Granite is a very hard material that will stand up to all types of use. Almost impervious to heat.  Granite has a very particular look, but the patterns and colours are so varied as to make it possible to match with nearly any kitchen design.


Marble is another popular choice for kitchen countertops, but is the softer material when held up against quartzite, quartz or granite. Marble is waterproof and heatproof. Its adds to real estate value of a home. Exceptionally beautiful stone, with unique veining. Marble offers beautiful patterns and designs that are very pleasing to the eye.


Soapstone is another natural stone, usually dark gray in colour with a smooth, silky feel. Deep, rich colour. Soapstone  are somewhat stain resistant. Fairly impervious to heat. Damage can be sanded out. It offers antique, historic look to a kitchen.


For a really contemporary and industrial look for your kitchen, stainless steel is a good choice. Stainless steel is extremely solid and durable. It is commonly used in commercial kitchens for this reason, as it is highly resistant to damage. If it is scratched, the blemish can be easily buffed out. Stainless Steel impervious to heat damage. Excellent for modern-style kitchens. Easiest of all countertop materials to clean. Regarded as "premium" countertop; adds real estate value. . It will not rust, making it a perfect choice for outdoor kitchen spaces.


If you have countertops in unusual shapes, or if you want a truly unique kitchen, concrete may be a good choice for your countertops. It can be colour-tinted. Heat and scratch resistant. Provides a look that is exotic and unusual. Decorative textures and colours are possible. Extreme changes in temperature can cause concrete to warp or crack, due to variances in the veining.


The laminates are plastic-coated synthetics with a smooth surface that's easy to clean. Countertops are made by bonding the laminate sheets to a particleboard (MDF) core. Very easy to maintain. Thousands of options available. DIY installation is relatively easy​. Very inexpensive countertop option. Custom edging and backsplash treatments can add expense. Surfaces can be scratched and chipped; damage is almost impossible to repair.


While wood or butcher block countertops offer a unique visual aesthetic to a kitchen space, they also have a unique set of challenges that make this material tough to recommend Wood is easy to clean, and can be easily sanded down if damage occurs. However, significant damage is more difficult to fix and can permanently alter the appearance. Wood countertops are very susceptible to water damage, and must be frequently sealed.

Considering the aforementioned characteristics of each material, it’s important to avoid installing a countertop that ends up not working for you. If you have an upcoming kitchen remodel, you should make sure you read this first. And if you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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