Infrastructure is our backbone.


Our manufacturing unit has the state of art manufacturing machines that are responsible for the durability of each and every manufactured sinks. The machines include CNC tool making machine based on the German technology. The infrastructure has been planned with a sufficiency of high level of autonomy with compete focus on productivity and consistency in quality.

Our impressive list of machinery includes

- 600 Tons Deep Draw hydraulic Press Line
- 800 Tons Deep Draw hydraulic Press Line
- 800 Tons CNC Deep Draw hydraulic Press Line
- CTL and slitting line
- Imported CNC welding machine
- Imported CNC Grinding machine
- Robotic Buffing Machine
- Imported Tools
- Imported projection welding machine

Further, Anupam are made from best quality steel i.e. AISI-304. The products manufactured thus have a sturdy body. Strict quality control and mechanism are in place to ensure that the sinks so produced have high quality standards after each process of completed sinks. Well-trained staff adds to the expertise of the finished product. We have a highly motivated team that is inspired to work and produce the best to the satisfaction of the customer. Backed by customer relationship representatives that understand the client needs and on-course delivery schedule always, time bound service is a commitment that we stand by and deliver under any circumstance. This goes a long time too in providing a sound solid network with our principle counterparts.

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