Why Anupam

The story of our success.


Anupam Leads the Way

For over 20 years we've created high quality, innovative sinks that consumer count on to deliver unprecedented levels of style and function. We offer the most extensive product line available, so regardless of your dream, design or demands, chances are we have just the sink you need.

Business Practices

We maintain the premier ethical and environmental standards, and actively support the communities in which we do business.

A Quality Choice

With an Anupam sink, the beauty you see is more than skin-deep. We bring superb craftsmanship to every sink we make. Premium stainless steel of AISI-304 is used to create sinks that are remarkably resistant to stains and corrosion.

Finished to Perfection

No detail is left unattended. That's why our stainless steel sinks look the way they do. After the top-quality stainless steel has been die-drawn, the finishing touches begin. The grinding, buffing, sanding and polishing that follows, much of it by hand, results in gleaming sinks in a selection of finishes.

Emphasis on Function

Our stainless steel sinks offer a variety of features designed to enhance their use and increase your convenience. Extra-deep bowls accommodate large pots and pans. Intellidrain drainage system helps you to keep your kitchen, sink as well as drain also. Durable construction is amazingly forgiving to drop glassware. Our exclusive Sound Guard/Undercoat sound-deadening system results in unmatched dampening of sound resonance.

Customer Service

Providing optimal service to our customers is a top priority. In every vertical market we serve, across every continent on the globe, we aim to achieve 100% satisfaction, building a strong, loyal and ever-expanding customer base. Our customer care department works 24x7 to provide our best.
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