June 25, 2022
Positive impact of COVID-19 lockdown on our health

The novel coronavirus may be claiming victims all across the globe and keeping people sealed indoors; it seems so have certain positive effects on people’s healthcare and daily living routines.

Here is How Being in Quarantine Is Having a Positive Impact on Our Health.

Eating Healthy Home Cooked Food: Many of us are eating home-cooked food. Home cooking usually uses less oil, fresh ingredients, and little to no processed foods, making it a healthier option than eating out.

Time To Workout: From yoga and meditation to energetic Zumba sessions, people all over the world are getting creative with their home workouts resulting better physical  healthy living.

We Are Getting Sufficient Sleep: Even an extra hour of sleep could mean seven hours instead of six, which makes a big difference to our health.

Home Care: Housework is one of the most productive ways to keep busy and not get bored. And you end up with a much cleaner living space. Sweeping, mopping, dusting, and cleaning cobwebs are all ways to keep active and burn extra calories.

Family Time to relieve stress and improve mental health: With parents working from home and kids not having to go to school, this is the best time to bond as a family. Families also have more time to do fun stuff together like play board games, cook meals, do arts and crafts, and much more. This time together is a great way to relieve stress and improve mental health.

Cleaner air and health: The clear skies and clean air have turned out to be the blessings in disguise for the millions choking on polluted air across Indian cities. The top Indian cities with the track record of world's worst air quality, this is an unforeseen benefit amidst Coronavirus pandemic on our health.

Despite all the obvious hardships, we’ve shown incredible resilience. We’ve adapted so well to these challenging circumstances and learnt to deal with all the ordeals so effectively. 

Remember, good mental and physical status in the difficult times may win you the battle more easily - Anupam

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