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Aquamist Water Saving Nozzle



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Water Saving Nozzle - The Joy of Experiencing Mist

Technical Specification

Standard 15 mm Faucet Aerator Sized Taps
Water Pressure
29-116 psi / 2-8 bar
Water Temperature
Max 192°F / 89°C
Package Contents
Rubber Gasket (For Female Threaded Aerator), Rubber Gasket (For Male Threaded Aerator), Handle, Adapter, Nozzle
Suitable For

Included Accessories

Chopping Board
Wire Basket
Bottom Grid
Square Intellidrain

Product Video


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Product Features

Highly efficient water saving nozzle

A small nozzle that atomizes water into a gentle mist and saves upto 95% water with same tap.

Dual Flow Mode

This nozzle comes with dual flow mode, mist mode and spray mode. In mist mode, you can save upto 95% of water and just a small twist between to spray mode can save upto 65% of water.

Experience Mist

The fine discharge of water droplets to minimize water wastage, which is perfect of washing your hands, brushing your teeth and washing dishes.

Simple Installation

Anupam AquaMist is very easy to install and takes less than 30 seconds to fit into your existing tap. It is easy to fit and does not require a plumber.

Aquamist on YouTube

If water is there, there is future. An easy and economical way to save water. Several liters of water can be saved every day by applying this nozzle in the tap you are using. A small effort to conserve the invaluable fund like water.

We support Jal Shakti Abhiyan

As India faces widespread water scarcity problem, it’s the responsibility of everyone to reduce water waste, and save the freshwater supply. Anupam, with a small contribution towards enhance water conservation in our homes and kitchens everyday and to support the Prime Minister initiated water conservation campaign "Jal Shakti Abhiyan".


Ensure no harm to the environment whether in their production, use or disposals in order to help in conserve energy, minimize carbon footprint or the emission of greenhouse gases, and does not lead to substantial toxicity or pollution to the environment.