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Kristal Series KS1103DB



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Anupam Sink - KS1103DB | Double Bowl Sink - Sand Beige

Technical Specification

35.5x19 inch / 900x480 mm
Bowl Size Left
16.5x16 inch / 420x410 mm
Bowl Size Right
15x16 inch / 375x410 mm
8 inch / 200 mm
Composite Granite
Minimum Cabinet Size
41.25 inch / 1050 mm

Included Accessories

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Product Features

25 Years Of Excellence

We cherish the glory of more than 25 years of trust and value addition. Premium quality is the binding force of relationship between Anupam® and our valuable customers. We reflect a new definition of luxury, bliss and fanciful life with a special touch of innovation.

Shape and Capacity

Anupam's deeper bowl, straight walls, large bottom and smaller radius forms a offer generous space for utensils.

The next generation drain, the Intellidrain is the perfect solution to have a clog free drain. The dual anti-clog technology is used to remove waste in smarter way. The first bin helps to stop the large particles from moving down in the drain and clogging it, the second works for finer waste. Easy to clean this drain is hygienic way of food disposal, and can be emptied out in a bin without any hassle.