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Steel Sink Anupam World

Steel Sinks

Let's Make Your Kitchen Glow With Happiness.

Anupam sinks is inspired by the peaceful nature and blended beauty that provide an artful look to your lifestyle. Sinks is manifested for outstanding performance and classic appeal with superior functionality. The bliss of sublime, serene, grandeur appeals not only to senses but also instill a personality to your kitchen.

Granite Sink Anupam World

Granite Sinks

Granite composite is the most scratch resistant sink material on the market

Granite is less prone to damage and makes less noise. Made from environmentally-friendly composite material. The material consists of granite and synthetic resin. It is scratch-resistant, hygienic and easy to maintain. A wide range of accessories allows you to create the ultimate workspace for the way you use your sink.

Faucet Anupam World


Transform Your Kitchen Faucet Into A Mountain Spring.

Faucets play a decisive role in every kitchen or bathroom. Our premium faucets range comes with superb eye catching design made up of finest high quality stainless steel to perform their function and demonstrate their durability a new.

Food Waste Disposal Anupam World

Food Waste Disposal

Eco-Friendly Food Waste Manager For Your Kitchen.

​Innovative approach for every kitchen, a phenomenal and flawless design of Food Waste Disposal installed under the kitchen sink, crush the food waste and helps make kitchen clean-up fast.


Floor Drainers

Floor Drainer Anupam World

Floor Drainer

Luxury At Bath To Give You More Convenience And Freedom In Everyday Life.

Anupam Stainless Steel Floor Drainers comes with a host of desired innovation features that meets your expectations. Whether indoors or outdoors floor drains make cleaning much easier, offer easy maintenance and efficient water drainage. Wide-mouth floor drain is designed to achieve fast drainage without clogging.

Mini Kitchen Anupam World

Mini Kitchen

Sleek and Modern With Multi-Purpose Usage.

Anupam Mini Kitchen fits anywhere with easy installation and offer a perfect interplay of functionality and convenience. The Mini Kitchen combines subtle sophistication with multi-purpose usage. The class look and a new definition of utility make this series remarkable.


Utility Units

Encapsulates A Sophisticated Feel and Lasting Finish To Add A Glamorous Touch To Your Lifestyle.

Utility Unit modular nature suite allows you the ultimate flexibility to arrange the pieces in any configuration  outdoor or indoor and lock the unit in place. Stainless Steel Sink with a drain hose and water pipe so you can prepare your ingredients outdoors without going back inside. Storage cabinet with recessed handles offer extra space to keep your essentials and cleaning supplies.

Utility Unit Anupam World
Water Saving Nozzle Anupam World

Water Saving Nozzle

Same Tab Upto 95% Less Water

A Small Nozzle that Atomizes Water into Gentle Mist and Saves Upto 95% Water with the Same Tap. Highly Efficient Water Saving Nozzle with Dual Flow. Easy to Fit with Simple and Quick Installation. Works in 2 modes: Mist Mode and Spray Mode to Ensure the Maximum Utilization of Water.



The Finest Range Of Premium Kitchen Accessories To Save Time And Efficiency

Our sink accessories offer solutions to help get everyday duties done better, cleaner and more efficiently by saving space and adding convenience in the kitchen.


Why Choose Our Company?

31+ Years of Industry Experience

8758000+ Installations in India.

35032000+ Happy Customers.

India's Largest Kitchen Sink Designs.

Over 45 Service Engineers in India

Excellent Quality and Service Standards.

World Class after Sales Service.

24/7 Customer Care Service.



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